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How do I approach Russian women to date ?

How to approach a Russian woman ?

Beautiful Russian girlsRussian women are beautiful, educated and have great traditional values. If you are interested in Russian women and want to meet them or take them on a date, then you better do some research before approaching them. Russian norms and traditions are very important for Russian women. It would be a good step if you have some knowledge about their culture. You can learn a bit Russian to show your devotion and sincerity to a Russian woman. These things are very helpful for establishing a healthy relationship especially if you want to marry a Russian woman. This helps you to understand a Russian woman better and hence lead to a long happy relationship.

YSend flowers to a girl in Russiaou should always consider your expectations and demands from a relationship before approaching a Russian woman. Russian women are very traditional and believe in being a one man woman. Unlike Western women, they are looking for a permanent and long lasting relationship. They don’t want to have casual or temporary relationship. These qualities of Russian women make them ideal for marriage.

Meet your single Russian and Ukrainian girl for love and marriageRussian women also have some preferences regarding marriage. Russian Women mostly fancy well educated, good looking, charming, confident, responsible and financially secure men. Education and looks are important for a Russian woman while selecting her life partner. Education is considered symbol of high status while looks determine the personality of a person. That is why Russian people are very conscious of their appearance. Russian culture is based upon traditions and appearances. People who look dull are considered disrespect to their families. Russian women would never be interested in such men. You have to be charming to attract a Russian woman. Like any other women they don’t like irresponsible men. Russian women are strong but still they like to rely on men. A man who can’t take care of himself could not be expected to take care of a whole family. Russian women prefer confident and strong men. Men who can’t control their temper are not liked by Russian women. In short, be strong and confident but under the limits of certain manners.

Meet a Russian warm hearted girlOne of the main concerns of Russian women regarding future husband is his financial  condition. The reason for this concern of a Russian woman is the general financial condition of Russia. The Russian people are not financially good. The role of Russian women after marriage is very traditional. It is the duty of Russian wife to take care of house, husband and the children. Russian women are considered the best House wives as they feel maximum happiness in the happiness of their family. They will always prefer home above everything but they depend on their husband to support the family financially. That’s why it is very important for Russian women to be aware of their future partner’s financial condition. So if they ask you some direct questions regarding your financial condition then don’t consider her greedy because she is only worried about her future family. You will know these and some other important things about Russian woman which will help you understand her much better if you have some knowledge about her culture and traditions. So it is very important to study Russian culture and traditions before approaching Russian women.

Some Basic Russian Phrases

Yes :


No :  Nyehtt
Please :  Pazhalsta
Thank you :  Spahseebah
What is your name ?  Kahk vaz zavoot?
How are you ?  Kahk dyela?
I (don’t) understand :  ya (neh) pahneemahyu



Goodbye :  Do svidanya
How much does it cost ?  Skolka stoyit?
Where is ?  Gdey?
Tomorrow :  Zavtra
Today :  Sivay an
One :  Adeen
Two :  Dva
Three :  Tri
One Hundred :  Sto



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